Great news! Skatekeet just won the audience award and youth award at the 'Festival de Cinema Jeune Public' in Switzerland.

Skatekeet tells the story of Keet, ten years old with a heart that burns for one thing and one thing only: skateboarding. Her talent shines bright in the male-dominated world of skateboarding, but while some admire her, there are also a lot of people who don’t understand. On her board, Keet tries to find a way through all the opinions and ideas of how girls should behave.

Watch the whole film here.

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Directed by Edward Cook
Cinematography by Jefrim Rothuizen
Soundmixing by Bart Jilesen
Grading and effects by Barend Onneweer
Produced by Tangerine Tree, IKON

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Running time 15 min