Little Fire & The Industry

Noell is a troubled kid. His mom wants him to listen. His physiotherapist wants him to practice his hand-eye coordination. His teacher wants him to pay attention. And Noell, he just wants to be liked, especially by his classmates.
But when biker Gerrit comes along, he lights a fire in Noell that changes everything.

Little Fire’ is a short kids-documentary by talented up-and-comer Nicky Maas. The film was a blast to work on with the amazing team, lovely director and great producer Tangerine Tree.

But wait, there is more. 

'The Industry', an interactive documentary about the Dutch drug trade, also premiered this week. This is the creative child of Mirka Duijn (who was also responsible for the interactive side of the Emmy award-winning The Last Hijack). 
The Industry is a complete reimagining of how documentary could and should work.
Listen to it on the train, watch it with vr-goggles, it is all possible.
Together with Mirka I worked on the audio interviews and build the sound design, which was perfected by the great Hein Verhoeven.

Definitely give this creative and technological dive into the Dutch drug trade a look or listen. 

It is one of a kind.

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Little Fire

Directed by Nicky Maas
Director of photography Jean Counet
Grading by Laurent Fluttert
Audiomix by Ranko Paukovic
Music by Tobias Borkert
Graphics by Barend Onneweer
Produced by Tangerine Tree and KRONCRV

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Running time 15 min
Watch the complete film


The Industry

Directed and written by Mirka Duijn
Produced by Submarine and VPRO

Experience it here