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Christiaan Bastiaans travels around the world and demonstrates great commitment to the consequences of great social problems, such as war and it’s victims. In Bastiaans’ work borders and boundlessness reverberate in ever-changing forms, some lucid and gentle, others exhilarating or threatening. Through it all the work is permeated by a solemn beauty.

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"Bastiaans does not spoon-feed the audience explanations of the associations and experiences of the semi-conscious dying. It’s not necessary: dying is one of the most private, individual moments of our lives.
And therefore also one of the most terrifying."

Raymond van den Boogaard - NRC -

Directed by Christiaan Bastiaans
Cinematography Ruzbeh Babel
Grading and effects Barend Onneweer

With Hanna Schygulla, Yoshi Oida, Maria Kraakman and Jeroen Willems 
Produced by Christiaan Bastiaans

Edited on AVID

Running time 15 min

The video shown here is a small excerpt of the complete film.