S10 - May things continue to go well

Artist Stien den Hollander, stage name S10, offers a candid and vulnerable insight into her life. Directors Linda Hakeboom and Rolf Hartogensis followed her life for two years.

As an adolescent Stien struggled with mental problems. As her fame continues to grow,  the past begins to eat away at her more and more. In addition to this, the pressure from the media and the public mounts day by day. 

What is it like to always be asked about dark pages from your past? Do we sometimes put too much pressure on famous people to talk about their pain? 

In March 2023, 14.1% of young people (12-25 years) indicated that they sometimes, often or very often, seriously thought about ending their lives. Bystanders such as family and friends often pick up signals too late, or not at all. Stien is open about her past, dares to name it and has managed to overcome these feelings. She is an inspiration to many young people who recognize themselves in her feelings. The film therefore offers recognition and hope for young people who struggle with mental health.

The documentary will be broadcast during the European Mental Health Week.

You can watch the whole documentary here.


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A charged and stylized portrait. It shows clearly the bruises and cuts she tries to heal with her music.

Helmut Boeijen - De DocUpdate

Hakeboom time and time again proves that she is able to gather the trust of the subject and to softly lay them bare. This portrait in a way is the jewel in her crown: this is the most intimate and personal portayal yet. Even more impressive: she is able to do it, without pushing it too far.

Stefan Raatgever - Het Parool

Directed by Linda Hakeboom en Rolf Hartogensis

Produced by Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen for

Soundmixing by Lennert Hunfeld

Camera by Linda Hakeboom, Rolf Hartogensis, Dionne Cats en Judith Boeschoten

Grading by Remi Lindenhovius

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Running time 71 min