New Neapolis

New Neapolis is a declaration of love to a fictional European city that can arise when four port cities – Rotterdam, Liverpool, Naples and Marseille – forge an alliance. The inimitable logic La Rivière applies to his docufiction manifests connections these cities have always shared – with their sailortowns, quays and alleyways; migrants, workers and rascals; poverty, friction and vibrant informal economies; and the frantic attempts to cleanse all of this through urban renewal, gentrification and lots of soap. What can we learn from such an urban alliance? What forms of kinship and solidarity for a future Europe can arise here? Welcome to New Neapolis, divercity.

New Neapolis had it's premiere on the International Film Festival Rotterdam and is accompanied by an ongoing exhibition in TENT.

The whole film can be watched online.

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Directed by Gyz La Riviera

Soundmixing by Henk-Jelle de Groot - Any Color You Like

Camera by David Spaans

Grading and effects by Barend Onneweer

Produced by Studio Rev

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Running time 92 min