Rotterdam is the second largest city of the Netherlands and Europe’s largest port. The city has a large blue-collar population and more than half of its inhabitants are immigrants. All kinds of people travel through Rotterdam on a daily basis and the Rotterdam Electric Tram (RET) makes sure they reach their destination. Halte is about the RET, but above all about the people that work there. They are as diverse as Rotterdam itself.

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"Halte is so beautiful, so touching and so recognizable. Wonderfully edited and shot. From the first image to the last, the excellence is unmistakable."
- Jury Report - Golden NL-award -

Directed by Victor Vroegindeweij
Research Debbie Kleijn
Cinematography Jefrim Rothuizen 
Grading Barend Onneweer
Produced by Fatusch Productions, RTV Rijnmond, RET

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Running time 13 episodes of 15 min