With big eyes eight-year-old Tanans looks around. The new school year has just begun. Tanans is Congolese, but he grew up in a Refugee Welcome Zone in Uganda. Together with his family he has travelled to the Netherlands as an ‘invited refugee’. For the first time he lives in a beautiful house, tries to find his balance on a bike, and learns Dutch. But above all, he tries to make sense of this strange, new world.

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"So far, we weren‘t that much into documentaries yet, but this film has changed that. It has really touched us and given us an interesting impression of a young refugee‘s life. At some moments, the film almost made us cry and at other moments we just laughed with the boy and shared his excitement about the discoveries in his new everyday-life. We are looking forward to more films like this!“
- Jury Report - Mo& Friese Festival Hamburg -

Directed by Eefje Blankevoort
Cinematography by Ton Peters
Audio recording by Hein Verhoeven
Produced by Witfilm, NCRV

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Running time 20 min