Who the fuck is Jett Rebel

Nail polish, lipstick, jewelry: nothing is too much for musical prodigy Jett Rebel. He draws audiences like a bona fide star, with the talent and charisma to match. But that is just on the surface.

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"This heart-wrenching and telling documentary on Jett Rebel is not just about Jelte Tuinstra’s despair, but highlights how talented musicians are seen as a brand instead of human beings. Painful, but true.
Do yourself a favour: watch the documentary."
- Fiona Fortuin -

"Hakeboom shows that an alter ego, used to get rid of the shy nature of Jelte Tuinstra, does not come without it's problems. He is overcome by doubt and self-hatred, while his star rises like a comet. Between the stage and the studio, he opens up completely in front of the camera."
- Mark Moorman - Het Parool -

Directed by Linda Hakeboom
Cinematography by Linda Hakeboom and Rolf Hartogensis
Soundmixing and grading by Redline
Produced by Linda Hakeboom, BNN-VARA

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Running time 56 min
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