The Security Guards

City streets are filled with security cameras, politicians are being guarded day and night, and The Netherlands is just waiting for its first terrorist attack. Security seems a logical solution and even necessary, but are security guards even able to protect us or is that just an illusion?

Director Anneloek Sollart followed five guards; from Geert Wilders’ bodyguard to the head of security in the nuclear plant in Borssele. The documentary shows how a sense of fear and security are in constant competition.

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"The film offers a singular look behind the scenes.
Beautifully the film let’s you see the world through different eyes, leaving the viewer to draw it’s own conclusions."
- Pauline Kleijer - Volkskrant -

"Through cold images and ominous music, a desolate kind of paranoia is summoned, the daily state of mind of the security guard.
Distrust is their bread and butter and danger looms around every corner."
- Coen van Zwol - NRC - 

Directed by Anneloek Sollart
Cinematography by Jean Counet
Additional cinematography by Mick van Dantzig
Audiomix by Jeroen Goeijers
Music by Juho Nurmela

Produced by Basalt Film

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Running time 70 min