Shock Head Soul

This cross-media documentary explores the life and writings of Daniel Paul Schreber.
Now famous as an Outsider Artist, Schreber was a successful lawyer, who in 1893, started to receive messages from God via a "Writing Down Machine" that spanned the cosmos. He spent the next nine years confined to an asylum: this is his story.

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"Throughout, the pic is as engaged with ideas and history as it is interested in carving drama out of Schreber's story through perfs, dialogue and extraordinary imagery."
- Leslie Felperin - Variety -

"Shock Head Soul, a combination of drama and documentary, makes for a fascinating film. The audience is asked to ponder Schreber (incredible performance by Hugo Koolschijn) and his madness. You slowly get the exhilarating feeling of being part of a new era of thinking."
- Jos van der Burg - Filmkrant -

"the art of cinema, storytelling and the field of psychiatry together in this unique achievement...." 
- Fionnuala Halligan - Screen International -

Directed and written by Simon Pummell 
Cinematography by Reinier van Brummelen 
Special effects by Barend Onneweer 
Soundmixing by Bart Jilesen 
Music by Roger Goula 

With Hugo Koolschijn, Anniek Pheifer and Thom Hoffman
Produced by Submarine, SeriousFilm, Hot Property

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Running time 86 min