Robin's Roadtrip

Dutch photographer Robin de Puy is successful, and for the last couple of years she has shot a never-ending parade of prestigious assignments. Something feels off, however: is she still photographing the people who (in her opinion) should be seen? Armed with just a camera and a motorcycle Robin embarks on a journey across the United States.

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"Robin de Puy is a hero. […] Director Simone de Vries and cameraman Maarten van Rossem followed Robin de Puy for two weeks. The result is a sublime road movie, which also tells us a lot about the current state of the American underclass."
- Hans Beerenkamp - NRC -

Directed by Simone de Vries
Cinematography by Maarten van Rossum
Music by Robin Berlijn
Produced by Talent United, AVRO

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Running time 52 min
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