Rotterdam 2040

At high speed Gyz La Rivière reconstructs the history of Rotterdam, from the time before the bombings in the 1940s, until now. The film predicts the city’s developments in the year 2040 (a century after the bombing and the 700th anniversary of the city).
Although Rotterdam 2040 deals with architecture and urban renewal, it is actually a film about people. The subjective experience of the city by its (future) occupants determines the parade of past architectural blunders, and suggestions for the future.
All tongue-in-cheek of course…

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"This 95-minute film appears to have a simple chronological structure. La Rivière, however, presents the past, present and future of Rotterdam simultaneously in each chapter. Fast-paced, and laced with his personal history, it provides a coherent overview.
Images counterpoint the music: humorously, swiftly and provocatively, La Riviera expands his vision of the future. He envisions an exciting metropolis where past, present and future go together and complement each other."
- Ronald Glasbergen - Vandaag&Morgen -

Directed by Gyz La Riviera
Soundmixing Any Color You Like
Grading and effects Barend Onneweer
Produced by Studio Rev

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Running time 92 min