A story about a boy. No, a story about a man. Well it's really a story about becoming a man. 
But it is also a story about cars, women and a dog.

Snow is a film that goes against the grain of what you expect of stories and how they tend to neatly resolve. It's more about the journey and all the stuff in between. The stuff we normally forget.
It was a joy to work with writer/ director Lisette Olsthoorn, the great production company Family Affair Films, and of course to collaborate once more with the great Robin Berlijn (who also worked on Robin's Roadtrip) and whose music is used in the trailer.

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Directed and written by Lisette Olsthoorn
Cinematography by Casper Brink
Grading by Storm Postproduction, David van Tetering
Mixing by Marco Vermaas en Marcel Huibers
Music by Robin Berlijn
Produced by Family Affair Films

With Guido Pollemans, Katelijne Verbeke, Jan Taks, Elsa May Averill and Walter Bart

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Running time  20 min